What habit would you like to let go of?

Overeating? Binging? Emotional eating? What about negative thoughts, self-criticism, and low self-confidence? Or maybe you procrastinate—laze around instead of diving in and living the life you want.

It doesn't have to be this way. You can have a peaceful, easy relationship with your body. I can help.

Let's create your self-love strategy.

Working with me, you'll develop creative self-love practices and learn to feed your soul, instead of your cravings. Come home to your own skin.


work with me

Are you looking for more guidance while you create healthier habits? I will help you feel at home in your body. I will help your re-frame your habits that have been sabotaging your power. You will create strategies to feel peaceful, radiant, and full of life.

I offer long-distance coaching available over the phone, Skype, or FaceTime. No matter how you want to work together, start by scheduling our first conversation, which is always free. I'll answer any questions you have.


Meet Lily

I’m Lily Calfee, a lifelong foodie, advice-giver, and the voice behind Lily Loves You.

I offer a comfortable space for you to look your demons straight in the eye. I'll hold you accountable, but my office is a judgement-free zone because I have walked the same path you are on now. Together, we'll transform your relationship with food, exercise, and most importantly, yourself.

My philosophy

I’ve learned that everyone experiences trauma, and those who survive and even benefit from a traumatic experience are the people who have the best tools and support. I was lucky enough to be born under the sign of Virgo, so I am constantly hunting for tools to help my people create healthy habits that stick.

In my free time, I do a lot of writing and fuss over my houseplants. I'm a casual yogi, mostly practicing in my underwear on the living room floor. I love to travel, which is convinient since my family lives all over the country. I make a crazy green smoothie and epic salads. My diet doesn't fit in a box but is constantly evolving based on what makes me feel great. Read more about me over here...  


Blog + Recipes

Self-Love. Women's Health. Creativity and Self-Expression. Healthy Eating. Self-Respect.

Women’s Creative Health Coach | Lily Calfee + Ideal Nourishment | Oranges and Self-Love
Women’s Creative Health Coach | Lily Calfee + Ideal Nourishment | Healthy Vegetables
Women’s Creative Health Coach | Lily Calfee + Ideal Nourishment | Celebrate Growth

Sweet words from a long time client:

Lily and I entered into counseling over the phone, and she helped me to say hello to a huge aspect of my life that I had tried hard to sweep under the rug. She actually made me think about it and changed the manner in which I think about it. She made me ask, “how can you start to heal without understanding and acceptance?”

Lily was great at helping me to see the positive when I saw none. She reminded me that I might be a little more complicated than just having “bad” and “good” habits that deserve either self-loathing or reward as a result.

I didn’t even know I had locked myself into that mode of thinking until she suggested that my habits didn’t need to be demonized, but came from a place of self-preservation.

I now have a lot more love and patience for myself. Instead of feeling like a failure if I slip up with my eating habits, I accept my feelings of panic or disappointment and am better able to understand why I have them, and I don’t dwell on them! I never thought I’d be like that! I can’t say enough good things about her patience, insight, and kindness.
Women’s Creative Health Coach | Lily Calfee + Ideal Nourishment | Healthy Breakfast Ideas
Women’s Creative Health Coach | Lily Calfee + Ideal Nourishment | Healthy Cauliflower Soup
Women’s Creative Health Coach | Lily Calfee + Ideal Nourishment | Healthy Vegetable Leftovers

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